7 Win-Win Networking Strategies

Text, email or call? The real question is: When was the last time you helped a professional colleague?  Here are 7 everyday networking opportunities:

  1. Acknowledge your appreciation for (or update the progress made on) a business referral or introduction.
  2. If you lack expertise in an area someone wants advice in, refer her to someone in your network who can help.
  3. Leave a simple “heads up” or “thought you might like to know” message the night before news breaks (be sure to do this early enough to be useful).
  4. Check your LinkedIn updates. You will probably find a blog, tweet, interest group, or on-line article that you can forward to others with one click.
  5. As part of your give-back philosophy, when someone in your network helps you, send a contribution to one of your core network members’ favorite charities.
  6. Say hello to at least 2 people (and use their names!); ask how their day is going and then just listen.
  7. Pick up the phone and invite someone to breakfast or a “quick” lunch

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