A Season and Reason for Gratitude

We are almost at the midpoint of the holiday season–I can already hear the groans and sighs–and it is a good moment to stop and ask ourselves:  “How am I using my time? Am I using it in a way that reflects what I want out of this season?  Does my holiday to do list include time to find the joy as well as the toys this season offers each of us?”

A long-term and dear friend, Gail McMeekin is an author, blogger, and workshop leader on the power of creating abundance at work and in life. In one of her books, The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women, she shares tips that are timeless and “genderless” in discovering and integratinggratitude and fulfillment into our daily lives.

Gail writes that this season “is a time to note and acknowledge the harvests of the past year and to give thanks for our family and friends (both living and passed on, and for the richness of life.”  She suggests that we write down a list of all the things we are grateful for and then to continue to write down three new things each day.  Just imagine: if right now you go into Notes, or find a sheet of paper or package of sticky notes and start writing. It could be 3 things in your life that you take for granted; 3 colleagues who make you work life easier; a habit you have replaced, an unexpected phone call, card or email.  The possibilities are endless and yours.  And if you start today, on January 1 you/I/we will have given yourself 57 “positive ways” to start the new year.

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