Advice for about-to-be college grads

Congratulations, you are in the final stretch–exams, job interviews, celebration parties, apartment hunting.  You are taking the next step in building the life you want and everyone who knows you wishes you only the best.

You are also about to embark of a grand 5-plus-decade career adventure.  And like all adventures, it will be full of turns, twists, ups, downs, side trips, detours, and an occasional “how did that happen?”   

Just remember: Your work will make a difference in the world, your talent will be recognized, and hopefully, you will enjoy most–if not all of–your jobs. So stay true to your passion, purpose and principles.

And best of all:  Every day, you will have an opportunity to meet and work with some pretty amazing people, and if you treat them with respect, kindness, and a genuine willingness to help, many will be with you throughout your work-life journey–and be a large part of building the life you want.

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