All you need is a little help from your ………Network

Need help figuring out the number-one priority on your growing to-do list? Ever find yourself sitting at your desk when everyone else has gone home?  Do you stare at your iPad/computer wondering, “How can I start, move forward or complete the work in front of me?“

Planning, prioritizing, keeping a calendar—even having your technology beep or sing a song may all be tools that can help keep you ”on time,” but most successful people have learned the best resource at their disposal to manage their workload and workday is their network.

When you need help, your professional network can ”save the day” and let you put your time where it most needs to go and move on to the work you like to do. How?  Take the time to think about who in your network can help you out by serving as

  1. an additional resource–be it as a subject matter expert or by offering a different perspective as you figure out a strategy for that client project;
  2. a sounding board in solving the difficult development issue; or
  3. your trusted advisor on balancing work and life priorities.

Developing a network that includes a wide array of peers, mentors, and people with all levels of expertise and experiences from across and outside your organization, increases your productivity, saves hours, and costs little.  I call this kind of networking “dipping into your knowledge bank.” If you take the time to build relationships and help others throughout your career, you will have a wealth of knowledge, skill sets and helping hands an email or phone call away on those “I could use a little help from my network” days.

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