Bah Humbug! I don’t like parties or the holidays!!!!

OK, the holidays are stressful, draining, and lots of work.  And sometimes going out, sending messages of holiday cheer, or even calling a good friend just seems more than you can find the time to do or want to handle as 2013 comes to a close.

If you have any “free” time, you may want to be alone and catch up on all the things you have been meaning to do for yourself or your business.  Well, you can do that and still network—here are a few ways:

  • Update your email or other contact information. You may be surprised that many people you haven’t heard from in ages will respond with “hi, let’s get together; so glad you connected!”
  • Update your LinkedIn profile, join some groups and/or add another social media site.
  • Go online and find the best blogs for you to follow (so you can forward to members of your network) and/or contribute in 2014.
  • Review your 2013 calendar and emails and rediscover how you spent your time and who reached out to you.
  • Bake some brownies; read that book you bought months ago; take a walk; schedule those medical checkup appointments; listen to your favorite music.  Remember, you need to take care of yourself as well as others!

I will be taking my own advice, taking the time over the next week or so to follow through myself on some of the networking ideas I’ve shared.  My best holiday wishes and I look forward to reaching out to you in 2014.

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