Company Meetings: Opportunity or Time Waster

Meetings come in all types and sizes:

  • Routine: company-wide and staff meetings;
  • Back to back: department, product or administrative meetings;
  • Impromptu: in the hallway (or elevator) “while I have you for a moment” meetings;
  • Business: client meetings, professional development meetings, and
  • Breaking the bread: breakfast, luncheon, coffee and after-hours meetings.

Yes they are all opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, but unless managed properly, they can become a major time waster for all!

Recent research shows many managers spend as much as 25-30% of their time  (up to 5 months a year) planning, leading and participating in meetings and most feel it is a waste of time.  The thinking is:  “I could be working on something else rather than just sitting here.”

So how can you improve your attitude and the outcomes of any meeting? There are three major components to an effective meeting:

  • The content: the knowledge opinions, attitudes and expectations participants bring to the meeting.
  • The interaction: the way attendees work together in the meeting; and
  • The structure: how the meeting is organized.

Next week’s NKH tips will look at each in more detail; providing subscribers with specific can dos to make your workplace meetings more efficient and effective!

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