Patti Hunt Dirlam
Hunt Dirlam Associates, Inc.
Wellesley, MA 02481

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What our clients are saying

“To this day I still quote you and one of the tips I learned in the session many years ago:  ‘Always provide something that might be useful for the other person.’   What a gem that was!”
- a client

“Your knowledge, experience, and skill as a training developer and presenter, along with your willingness to listen to our needs and to be flexible in content and scheduling, was way beyond the norm.”
- Manager, Professional Services Firm

“By challenging the old ways of thinking about career advancement and transitions, Patti shows her executive clients a new way to successfully navigate their professional world.  She helps them to set a career focus, gain clarity about their skills and make the right connections.”
- Marcie Schorr Hirsh, Author, Consultant

“You have an amazing talent for dissecting conversations.  Thank you also for listening.  That too is a remarkable gift.”
- F-16 Fighter Pilot

“Great advice. You are truly a networking guru!”
- a reader