Create a “working” life

A successful career has never been easy to describe, explain or even achieve! Today’s professional mantra that “all jobs are temporary” puts tremendous pressure on each of us to figure out how we can achieve our personal goals and control our own professional destinies, all while anticipating multiple company, job and career changes over the course of the 5 or more decades of our working lives.

 In the “old days,” our companies defined the norms, culture, expectations, and standards we shared with our colleagues. The company determined the practices, policies and procedures, defined how a job was done, and whether or not we climbed the ladder of career advancement. They also dictated how we related to one another as well as to our clients, customers, vendors and other outside interest groups and stakeholders. Well, that way is long gone! Today–whether you are just starting your work life or well along the highway of success–you are in charge of and responsible for managing your career: determining the course that is right for you and deciding where and how to use your talents, abilities, time and energy wisely.

A key element in creating a successful (and balanced) “working” life is your reputation. Your reputation speaks to the norms, culture, expectations and standards you have established and try to live by every day of your career.  Managing your reputation requires having a keen sense of what is important to you. It is based on having self awareness and self acceptance of who you are–as a person and as a professional. It means developing a roadmap to reach your goals that promotes the core values, principles and standards of excellence you want to become known for throughout your ‘’working” life.

How does all this fit into networking? It is said, we are judged by the company we keep. Your reputation both defines and is defined by the company you keep. Be sure you make daily choices that surround you with people who will strengthen and affirm your everyday actions for achieving career success.

Next week’s daily tips will highlight how to take care of your reputation

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