“Don’t forget the LinkedIn Profile”

That was the lead sentence from a subscriber email regarding some of my daily tips on networking staples and I thank him for the reminder! Please keep your feedback, ideas, comments, and advice coming!

In today’s world of work, an accurate, up-to-date LinkedIn profile is one of your first points of introduction (maybe the first point of introduction), especially during a job search. 

  • Does your profile showcase a straightforward and brief accounting of your jobs, education, major skills and accomplishments?
  • Any references?  Any endorsements?
  • What groups have you listed?  

Is your contact listing open or is “who you know” private information? And what about a photo?   Elaine Varelas is a managing partner at Keystone Partners here in Boston (as well as serving on the board of Career Partners International) and she frequently writes for a career site called JobDoc.com. She recently wrote about the need for a photo on your LinkedIn profile and said:  “The right LinkedIn picture is a photo of the professional you. Most people should have a head shot on a day you look your very best (hair looks good; eye contact and a smile–for real). Your attire, makeup and jewelry should be professional and not so overwhelming that they draw attention.“ Good info!

She also mentions having a photo that reflects your work style (I am an executive coach and my photo—I hope–shows a person whose approach is open, positive, and direct). In other words she tells us to use a photo that reflects the “best of who you are.”  And thanks again to the reader who wrote: “Don’t forget the LinkedIn Profile!”

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