Everyday Networking

What is everyday networking

Develop a networking style that is authentic and personalized

  • be true to who you are; recognizing what you do well and enjoy doing
  • identify where to best utilize your strengths and talents
  • learn when and why to make the right connections

Always NetworkingEveryday Networking is the way to manage your business, career and life advancement. It is a new approach to an old-fashion way of getting and staying connected. Only when we gain insight into the way we best network, can we begin to build a lasting network.

Everyday Networking breaks down the barriers that hold us back and shows us the way to make professional and personal connections that will support and direct us as we move forward, so we can make the difference we want for ourselves in the world and live a life full of friendship, learning, and adventure.


Why network


To be effective, authentic networkers have learned that their networking efforts must be based on principles and practices that are driven by their own attitude, values and personalities.


Learning how to network


Many people think networking is a system of contacts that can be used to gain information and assistance only when needed. This is not the true purpose of networking. Networking expands our world, helps us to take risks and reach new levels of accomplishments. It can be useful in helping us make a job change, work more effectively with colleagues and clients, and build a business. It promotes win-win situations and brings career and life together.

7 steps to fine-tune your networking skills

  • responsibility starts and ends with you
  • reputation is today’s business card
  • relationships are built the old-fashioned way: they’re earned!
  • rapport is a social skill
  • reaching out is a requirement
  • research is the competitive advantage
  • resources become known as one of the “go-to” people

About the book, The Power of Everyday Networking

The Power of Everyday NetworkingThe Power of Everyday Networking will show you a networking
approach that is authentic to who you are and teach you how you can make real, everyday connections with others. It is based on my twenty-plus year adventure that has taken me to college campuses, corporate headquarters, coffee shops, and conference centers. It has given me an opportunity to work closely with a wide range of clients: recent college and MBA graduates, mid-career senior executives, on-boarding professional, and pre-retirees. Each of them was launching, building, restarting, or redirecting his or her work life. Working with these people has allowed me to collect the best practices and principles of networking and develop an educational, easy to read, and jam-packed advice book for people who understand the importance of networking, yet want to stop relying on old-school techniques and tricks.

The Power of Everyday Networking shows you a networking approach you can and will do every day. It will become a resource that you will return to again and again throughout all of your career’s twists, turns, and transitions.

What readers are saying


“Reading this book is like having a personal networking coach at my side.”

“A quick and fun book to read-and the true stories bring it all to life.”

“Read it over the weekend and found it succinctly reinforced many networking ideas that I need to better instill in my day to day life.”

“I found it personally helpful and recognized things I do well and naturally and others that I clearly don’t.”

“I can easily say this is one of the best written, no nonsense, ‘do-it’ I’ve ever experienced.”

Also available for iPad (check iBookstore)