How can I be a better networker in 2013?

Last week’s blog kicked off the new year by asking you to look at and start building a networking profile outlining your strengths and skills.  Yet I’m sure, as you did that exercise, reasons not to network popped up.  As I tell my clients, you need to identify and work through the walls you build that hold you back from building a network. 

 Over the next week, find 15 minutes to answer the questions below.  The answers will give you insight into the specific networking challenges you face and the information you need to make a resolution to change in 2013–be it by building a new networking habit or by removing an obstacle.

Questions:  Think of a time when your networking efforts were not successful. What do you wish you:

  • had done differently?
  • had done more of?
  • had not done at all?

Successful networking starts and ends with you.  It requires that you take responsibility for knowing your strengths, core values, intentions, and goals. It also means taking responsibility to change or stop some of the old ways of thinking about how and why you network.

When you are aware of your attitudes, you gain clarity on who you are and how you network best. You can begin to immediately rethink your approach to connecting with others.  You can separate the networking efforts that work from those that don’t work.  You can develop your own best practices and priorities based on the Power of Everyday Networking’s 7 Principles (outlined in the December 17 Daily Networking Know-How) and use networking as a tool to determine the kind of work-life you want and the career direction you want to travel.

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