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The goal of your resume is to get it read and to make a positive impression in the first 15 to 20 seconds.  A good resume succinctly demonstrates who you are and what you can do.  It speaks to the important accomplishments, skills, and experiences that demonstrate an impact relevant to the future.

Key areas to address include (as relevant):  P&L experience; building a business; global experience; increasing revenues; management (recruiting, developing, teambuilding); market development; sales/forecasting; finances; operations.

The best resume has a solutions approach–problems addressed, actions taken, results achieved.  It targets and answers how you will solve the needs of the reader–your future employer/organization–and rather than buzzwords, slang, jargon it uses words that communicate you are a doer.

The list of key action verbs below is far from complete, but a very good start as you write/or rewrite your resume:

Key Action Verbs

Acted, accelerated, administered, advanced, achieved, acquired, advised, analyzed, approved, assessed, authorized, assigned, addressed, approved.

Began, briefed, built.

Consulted, conceived, conducted, consolidated, created, completed, contributed, controlled, conveyed, coached, closed.

Decided, defined, delivered, designed, developed, directed.

Engineered, established, evaluated, expanded, executed.

Facilitated, financed, formed, formulated.

Generated, guided, grew

Headed, hired, helped, identified, implemented, increased, initiated, introduced, influenced, interpreted, joined.

Launched, led, maintained.

Managed, marketed, maximized, mediated, mentored, monitored.

Negotiated, opened, orchestrated, organized, oversaw.

Participated, piloted, pioneered, planned, played, presided, produced, positioned, promoted, provided, purchased.

Reviewed, raised, ran, recommended, regained, reorganized, reduced, researched, restored, restructured, revised.

Solved, spearheaded, sold, started, streamlined, strengthened, surpassed, supported, strategized.

Targeted, tracked, traded, transformed, transferred, travelled, uncovered, undertook, versatile.

Here are some more key action verbs that might be used under professional, educational, community involvement, etc.: Awarded, authored, chaired, championed, earned, elected, presented, served, sponsored, taught, lectured, published, wrote.

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