Meetings, meetings, meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings

We all know how you get to Carnegie Hall–practice, practice, practice–and the results are certainly rewarding. But what are the rewards for spending your time in workplace meetings, meetings, meetings? Late September/early October’s daily tips gave you protocols and best practices for making your and others’ attendance at meetings more effective and efficient. Here are a few more tips and things to think about, whether you meet around a table in a conference room or across the globe via Skype, iPhone or sharing Google docs.

Using time wisely.  Most ineffective meetings are caused by poor preparation, lack of listening, drifting off the subject, lack of participation and length. Effective meetings happen when everyone in the room has a valid reason for being there; knows the purpose and either had a role in setting agenda based on the purpose of the meeting or was sent an agendas prior to showing up (and with enough time to prepare). The meeting has a clear start and end time and sticks to the agenda. The leader “checks in” to be sure everyone is “on board” and not “bored.” Sometimes if the meeting is getting off track or voices raised too high a brief stop the action and a “restroom” break (strictly adhered to 5-7 minute time frame) can give people the opportunity to talk 1-1 or check in with their other obligations that might be causing them to drift.

Next week’s dailies share a few more success tips for meetings.

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