Need a new career dream?

Winter is settling into New England and you may find yourself thinking or saying, “I like what I’m doing, but…..” “I’m ready for a change, but….” or “I’d do something else in a minute, but….” Tim Butler in his book Getting Unstuck calls this a “psychological impasse.” It is a time of uncertainty and feeling uncomfortable. Look at these thoughts as an opportunity to start thinking about what needs to change and what (if anything) you will do about it.

When clients and “friends-of-friends” talk to me as a coach about finding a new job, making a career change or just wondering how to identify their next professional adventure, I just listen, and the why, how and what about future work and life goals are naturally revealed.   Themes, patterns, what they enjoy and what they want to let go of begin to emerge.  I’ve learned that when people begin to step away from the everyday activities of work and life and are given the space to talk, they may not find the answer, but they certainly find their voice. I have seen personas change as people speak about the possibilities and “if I could I would” professional wishes they have long held inside.  This time of year offers an opportunity to reaffirm what you care about, rediscover untapped or forgotten talents, skills, and interests and revisit goals and priorities. Then give yourself permission to seek out a trusted friend (someone from your Core network–see January 17’s tip) and ask them to listen–that’s all, just listen. My guess is you will begin to find “your voice.”

Our careers will last decades and our jobs won’t, You may have attained the dream you wanted when you launched your journey, but it may not be the dream you want today.  That’s OK.  Just ask yourself:  Is it time for a new career dream?

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