Networking in the Workplace—a novel approach to an old-fashion way of building your network

Most of us read plenty of books and blogs on the subject of finding “just the right” networking technique. We clock endless hours Googling and clicking into social media sites trying to make a link or connection, and we spend much too much time worrying about whether we’ll “sound OK” when we approach someone we don’t know at an event we don’t want to attend.  All in the name of building a network that you can “capitalize on” to career and client success.

But what about building your network in a place where every day you naturally come into contact and get together with others?  Where you spend more time building relationships as well as making small talk and interacting with interesting individuals from across the room and across the globe? Where the people you naturally call are on a first name basis and (usually) have a similar professional mindset? Where is that place?  Your Workplace!

Your workplace is an organizational structure made up of small and large, formal and informal groups of people within and across a company.  It is where people find themselves in interacting, overlapping, and recurring relationships as peers, colleagues, teams, boss/subordinate, clients/customers, vendors and even social friends.  It is a place where a large part of business success is built around with whom strategic alliances are formed, how power and influence are wielded, and how people can come together to learn from each other and to make “good-to-great” things happen—in other words how the organizational “network” works. 

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