Perseverance or Pest?

Some years back, I was making a presentation to a group of professionals in transition (code for “job search”) and mentioned the need for perseverance and patience.  During the Q&A, an attendee–let’s call him George—said, “A while ago, I was referred to a (fill in the blank: hiring manager, decision maker, door-opener) about a position that was going to be opening up in the fall.  We met and I have been trying to follow up with Mr. X for months.  I get his voice mail, I get no response to my emails.  I even got my connection who gave me the job lead and referral to resend my resume—why won’t this guy call me back?”

We went back and forth on some of the key facts about George’s connection, his qualifications, and the position. 1. When was this position being posted? 2. Did he have a good initial meeting with the connection? 3. Had he reached out to others in the company and industry?  George had done all the right things that demonstrated he had what it takes to be a serious candidate for the job. Then someone from the audience shouted out:  “He is not calling you back because you have become a pest!  He told you the job would open up in the fall—it’s only June, he knows you’re looking, now get off his back!”  Wow, was that an eye opener—and the best advice that job seeker ever received!

Next week’s daily tips show you more about patience, perseverance, and being a pest.

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