Sonia Sotomayer: My Beloved World

The book I’m recommending for you nightstand or iPad this month is: Sonia Sotomayer’s My Beloved World.  

Why?  Well, 

  1. Nonfiction written by people in leadership roles can always offer a few to do’s (or not-to-do’s) take-away lessons.
  2. The book is an honest and caring account of a woman  whose opinions and  decisions will impact generations to come  and
  3. She has a straightforward writing style that says in a few paragraphs what many people don’t manage to say in many pages.

Here is one takeaway I enjoyed from this book:  Sotomayor writes that in the fifth grade, she learned how to make something she wanted happen.  How? She approached someone she saw succeeding and just asked how they did it. On page 91 she writes:

“But the more critical lesson I learned that day is still one too many kids never figure out:  don’t be shy about making a teacher of any willing party who knows what he or she is doing. In retrospect I can see how important that pattern would become for me: how readily I’ve sought out mentors, asking guidance from professors or colleagues, and in every friendship soaking up eagerly whatever that friend could teach me.” 

We may not be fifth graders, but at any age we need to keep asking ourselves: Who can I teach? Who can I learn from?

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