Strong ties make strong networks

The March 28 tip on Mark Granovetter’s concept of “weak ties” got me thinking:  Who do I know? Who do I know well?  Attending professional association meetings and events is a great place to meet and start building those weak ties; those people Mark says we all need in our network to create bridges to other networks; but making contacts (my definition of a weak tie) is not making a connection

That requires:

  1. Getting to know and understand the person’s goals (work-life—short and long term, business, professional objectives, personal dreams and wants/needs),
  2. Getting to know and be interested in his/her personal (outside) interests—how they spend their time outside of work—what do they enjoy doing: collect stamps or fine art; where and how they vacation.
  3. Getting to know and sharing their values—how they go about living day to day and in the workplace; how they fulfill their obligations; how they take responsibility; take credit; give credit.
  4. Getting to know and appreciate what are they proud of—character, beliefs, intentions, and attitude towards the world,
  5. Getting to know their expertise; their ability to do the job and how they give their talents, time and treasure to others.
  6. Getting to know if they care about knowing the same things about you!

And that all takes time, energy, effort and a genuine interest in making a tie, a relationship!

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