Summer reading to get you ready for the job market

Companies are hiring again, and you may want to move up or over, or enlarge your client base to take advantage of business growth trends. Everyday authentically networking is more important than ever in times like these. It is a must, not a maybe, yet so many people miss out on the opportunities that building, supporting, and reaching out to our connections can bring.

Over the last few months, in my Networking Know How Daily tips I have reviewed several of my favorite books—go back and give them a second look.  Also, check out Amazon or some of your favorite career sites and you will find their top ten job search/career books. Finally, my book, The Power of Everyday Networking, is packed with ideas that will help you with a job search or any transition.

If you haven’t already laid the foundation of a strong and diverse network, now is the time to start building and managing a professional network that will be there when you need it.  Pick just one of the lessons in the book:

  • Responsibility:  It starts and ends with you.
  • Reputation: Your reputation precedes and follows you.
  • Relationships: It’s about the people you meet along the way.
  • Rapport: Make a connection with every interaction.
  • Requirements: Take care of the important stuff—and it’s all important stuff
  • Research: Life is a learning experience.
  • Reaching Out: The importance of coming full circle.

Start putting this lesson into practice in your everyday work and life.

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