Take charge and make things happen

Maybe you are reading Networking Know-How in the hopes that it will “make networking easy.” Well, reading Networking Know-How and my book, The Power of Everyday Networking, can do some things. It will:

  1. Provide practical, “can do” strategies.
  2. Help you discover everyday ways to make an authentic connection with the people you meet and work with.
  3. Remind you that even though you are responsible for your work-life journey, you aren’t alone on it.
  4. Share ideas on how to reduce and minimize the fears that hold you back from reaching out to ask for help in achieving your professional and personal goals.

But Networking Know-How can’t make you network!  Networking gets easier only when you take charge of what you read and turn any negative thoughts and attitudes about networking into positive actions and connections.

Thoughts are powerful, and in order to make networking easier you need to take charge and look at the negative thoughts that can hold you back from building the network you want. Then you need to develop some positive thoughts to put in their place, and practice them.

Here is an exercise that may help you move from negative thoughts to positive action.    Identify one or two specific networking activities you know would help your career, but you are more comfortable not doing. Then write down what it would be like to try one of those networking activities and have a positive experience.  Did you write down specifically what would have to happen to make it positive? Would it be attending an event with a few friends who promise to stay close by and introduce you to two people each?  Is it preparing for a telephone call by writing a script and then rehearsing it with a member of your network? And if getting published is your goal/dream, is it finding a fabulous (author) coach who can help you turn your voice into words, be it an article, a speech, a book or a blog?

OK, if you have gotten this far reading today’s blog, it’s time to take charge and take action:  In the Notes section of your portable device, on your computer or just taped to the refrigerator door (one of the first places I visit when fear takes over), post your responses to:

(A)   I will do (l)…………… and (2)…………..  by (date)………………………

(B) With the help of……..…………..

Now put it somewhere you will see it–regularly! (like on your chair—see April 11’s daily tip).

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