“This year I’m going to….”

That’s something many of us said to others (or to ourselves) at the beginning of 2014. But was it the same thing you also resolved to do in 2013, 2012, 2002? Was it something you were going to start doing (e.g., meeting 3 new people every week)? Stop doing (interrupting people in meetings)? Do more of (attending professional association meetings)? Do less of (connecting only by text or email)? 

It’s been only a few weeks since many of us have made the annual work, life, career, health, weight, family or even networking resolutions. How are you doing? Have they been a challenge? a chore? a success? Have you made progress? Do you still believe achieving them is possible? Do you even remember them? 

Before 2014 gets too far along, ask yourself: Was that resolution just a “to do” added to your already over-scheduled work and life? Or did you intend it to be a professional or personal goal that could move you towards the way your work-life could be?  When we see our resolutions as positive choices rather than necessary chores, we can begin to be open to finding the activities and people (in our network) that will support them and us. 

If you haven’t read last month’s blogs on careers, or the ones I mentioned in last week’s dailies, make it goal to do so this week– it might give you an idea or two on how to turn January’s New Years resolutions into 2014’s career opportunities.

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