To write or not to write

A recent on-line New York Timesopinion piece sparked a lot of local talk radio conversation on the decline of the hand-written letter, card, and thank you note, pushed aside by the ease and speed of getting out immediate, quick emails and text messages.  The consensus from callers and the hosts was that a handwritten letter or note is apt to be kept and remembered, and it leaves a more positive impression of the sender in ways a computer generated one– no matter how sincere the typed words may be– could ever achieve. 

The holiday season officially begins in U.S. this Thursday with Thanksgiving (although the “marketing” of the season started weeks ago!). The season is short this year, so the idea of taking the time to shop and then personally write out “season’s greetings” cards to all (or a few) members of your network may be overwhelming.  That’s up to you.  But if you click here, you will find three ways to introduce and incorporate the “spirit” of a handwritten note throughout 2014.  Give it a go; you may be lucky enough to get one back!

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