Turning “Decision Making Gridlock” into Opportunities

It is up to you to make something of your work-life.  Here are a few ideas to show you not only where, but how to make that attitude adjustment:

  1. Congratulations! Just by clicking to this blog, you have started shifting your attitude from “not now” to “I’m ready.” Now keep reading
  2. Identify one–just one–small tangible forward-moving action step you can comfortably do/take in the next 24 hours.
  3. Can’t think of anything?  Well, sit back, stand up and take a deep breath, or two, or ten long inhales and exhales. Relaxing your mind (and mindset) will let go of the negative thoughts, fears and attitude that are holding you back and open you up to positive, possible action. Trust me, an idea will come to you.
  4. Write down the reward you will receive once you have taken this positive step.  Identifying 3 potential, positive outcome(s) that will result from an action step will give you the reinforcement you need to take that next step.

Who do you need to call or see to help you?  You know what you “have to do” to move from procrastination to positive action, “BUT” who are the 2 people in your network that will coach you through the process and/or champion your efforts?  Seek them out; and don’t procrastinate!!!!

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