February is here—It’s time to get out—why not attend an event!

What do groundhogs and reluctant networkers have in common? They are looking for a reason not to network (or come out of that hole so many of us burrow into during the winter)! Professional development is a critical component of career management and advancement and may have been one of your New Year resolutions. Events offer many ways to grow and connect, whether by learning something new from subject experts, exchanging ideas with industry peers, or sharing real world experiences with like-minded colleagues from other organizations.

By now, the professional and business associations event season is already half over.   How many professional meetings have you attended since September?  If none, do you have plans on your calendar to attend an association meeting before June? Events (they take place early morning, at lunch, and evenings) help strengthen and expand your professional network. You meet new people and reconnect with the folks you only see a few times a year at these structured occasions. Google your favorite professional group; identify one or two events; register online, or better yet, pick up the phone and have a conversation with the association director or membership chair.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is getting out and about more, next week’s Networking Know-How tips how will suggest ways to be more comfortable and successful when attending events.

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