What have I learned?

My book, The Power of Everyday Networking, has been available for about two years now, and Networking Know-How is about to celebrate a year of daily tips and tools.

What a busy and exciting time it has been–personally and professionally. Via webinars the book has taken me from Cambridge, MA, to around the world.  Via the airlines from Colorado Springs, (where I asked about, was referred to, and was then able to practice yoga poses at 13,000 feet with the help of a wonderful instructor) to Charlotte, NC, and Melbourne, Australia, where I gave a series of presentations and worked with clients on the concepts and practice of everyday networking, its impacts on career advancement, leadership development, business and client development, and our daily professional lives. Whew!

All of these experiences are the outcome of networking. (Even the mountaintop yoga–a fabulous experience for someone who could barely touch her toes, let alone do a mountain tree pose, 5 years ago–happened because I asked the van driver a simple question: “Does anyone on your staff practice yoga?” and, guess what, one of their new employees was a yogi, which no one was aware of until I asked and the driver said, “Let me find out.”

I feel lucky, blessed, and fortunate. The last two years continue to teach me that every time I’m with someone (be it one person or 100), I learn something. That is the beauty of having an everyday attitude about networking and approach to work and life.  Next week’s tips will offer a few lessons I am taking to heart as I continue to speak about the Power of Everyday Networking. And I would love to know: what have you learned about networking authentically?

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