What will you find in the Networker’s Mentor?

When people ask me what I’ve been up to lately, I reply, “I’ve been blogging and sharing daily networking tips!” My Networker’s Mentor blog gives me space to expand the ideas beyond the snippets and tidbits in the daily tips. Here is just some of what you’ll find there:

10/20/12 Are you ready for some footballllllllllllll

10/27/12 What happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas.

11/3/12  I’m not a good listener. What can I do?

11/10/12 Is it time for a mental sift? (yes, SIFT)

11/17/12 All you need is a little help from your ………Network

11/24/12 How do you present yourself?

12/1/12  Watch out for email threads

12/8/12  Make your list and check it twice

12/15/12 Changing Relationships

12/22/12 Bah Humbug! I don’t like parties or the holidays!!!!

1/4/13    How can you make your networking successful in 2013?

1/11/13  How can I be a better networker in 2013?

1/18/13  Are we there yet?

1/25/13  Need a new career dream?

2/1/13    Want to keep your network strong? Here’s how

2/1/13   February is here—It’s time to get out—why not attend an event!

2/8/13    Showing up may be 80%, but the other 20% matters too!

2/15/13  What’s different about attending an event when you are in a job search?

2/22/13  Is it ever too late to reconnect?

3/1/13    How to stay “top of mind” with others

3/8/13    Create a “working” life

3/15/13  Congratulations…I think….!

Check out some of these topics as you reinvigorate your networking this fall!

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