What’s on your nightstand or iPad?

If there’s anything I love more than getting a suggestion for a great read from a friend or colleague, it’s sharing good books with others. That’s why Networking Know-How has offered a monthly book suggestion almost since the beginning. Please send me the titles of books you’ve found that will help others build their work-lives and networks.

Here are the titles we’ve suggested. Each offers insights into ways to improve and manage your work life–happy reading!

The First 90 Days (Michael Watkins)

Influence without Authority (Alan R. Cohen)

Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship (Maynard Webb)

Being the Boss (Linda Hill)

 Increase your Influence at Work (Perry McIntosh and Richard Luecke)

How to Work A Room ( Susan RoAne)

Give and Take, A Revolutionary Approach to Success (Adam Grant)

Perfect Phrases for Professional Networking: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Meeting and Keeping Helpful Contacts–Everywhere You Go (Susan Benjamin)

The 7 Powers of Questions: Secrets to Successful Communication in Life and Work (Dorothy Leeds)

 Earning Serendipity (Glen Llopis)

And of course, The Power of Everyday Networking (Patti Hunt Dirlam)


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