What’s the use of talking, if you don’t have something to say?

‘Tis the season of backyard barbecues and neighborhood get-togethers, when we run into folks we haven’t seen in several months. Wondering why that person you just started talking to moved away so quickly?  Some topics are guaranteed to stop a conversation in its tracks. Steer clear of these conversation killers!

  • Talking exclusively about yourself. Yes, you can tell people about your business, your job search, or yourself.  Just don’t become known as the person who only talks about his search or herself.  Become known as someone who has a sincere interest in what’s going on in other people’s worlds.
  • Talking about specifics in someone else’s niche interest, such as giving opinions about sports players, teams, and standings if you don’t know anything about the game. Find a topic you can contribute to, or just ask questions, listen and learn.
  • Asking embarrassing questions. Nowadays it’s best not to ask, “Where do you work?” A lot of people are looking for work. Instead, you might ask, “What have you been up to (or working on) recently?”


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